Peer Review Process

Article Substance Review
Review guide for reviewing article material in accordance with the standard components of the article.
Title: The title must describe the subject of the manuscript adequately, clearly, precisely and not be multi-interpreted.
Abstract: The abstract must briefly state the purpose of the research, the methods used, the results, and the main conclusions.
Review of References: Authors should give credit towards the contributions of others who are relevant to the article through citations. The citations in the introduction must be able to show the innovation and/or newness that the author has done through gap analysis. Quotations/citations should not be excessive.
Purpose: The purpose of the article review must be well explained and will be able to answer the hypothesis.
Method: The method used to achieve the objective must be spelled out precisely and in sufficient detail to enable the competent reader to repeat the author's work. The tools, materials, hardware/software platforms and frameworks used in the research also need to be explained.
Clarity: Authors must write method information and research results in articles in a simple, concise and effective manner so that readers can easily understand them.
Delivery organization: Manuscripts should develop/explain the research subject in a logical and effective manner.
Duplication: The manuscript does not repeat the explanation of the published work of the author or other person. Check whether the manuscript can be shortened without losing content by combining two or more tables and figures. Reviewers can provide several comments if there are duplications in the text.
Calculations: In a few randomly selected cases, the Reviewer checks to see if you can verify the calculations made by the author.
Linkage of Text with Tables and Figures: All tables and figures must be referred to in text/paragraphs. Statements in the text must match the contents of tables and figures.
Table and Figure Titles: The title should state the content. Please suggest to improve the quality of table/image titles.
Titles in Tables/Captions: interpretations must be clear and unequivocal and use the correct SI units.
Graphics: Data for presenting graphs/images must be accurate.
Conclusion: The conclusion to answer the hypothesis must be stated adequately and clearly and must be supported by data and testing.
Conjecture: Authors must clearly distinguish between conjecture and fact.
References: All references in the manuscript must be listed in the Bibliography/References. Referrals number at least 15 references with 60% in the form of primary references (scientific journals, proceedings articles, reference books, thesis/thesis/dissertation) and published no later than the last 10 years.
Delivering Review Results
After you are willing to do a review, you can download the article files and additional files. You can fill out a review form or comment or upload a file for editors and/or writers about the results of your review. You are expected to provide recommendations regarding the quality of the article. If you need more time, you can submit it to the Editor (